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Can Raise Burden Up To 200 Kg, This Grandfather Viral on the Internet

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A viral grandfather on the internet after his video lifting weights of 200 kilos was talked about. Not a hoax, the grandfather figure really exists.

Jean Titus is a 50 year old grandfather from Washington DC, USA. He is a fitness consultant and also a motivator. His muscular and muscular body attracted the attention of many people until he was nicknamed ‘ripped grandpa’.

“I realize that the greatest asset that humans have is physical and spiritual health, so it is important to maintain body shape,” says the man who has been routinely lifting weights since 30 years ago.

Titus said he was a thin child as a child. Because often dibully, he was determined to have a larger body by doing fitness and weight training.

Of course his muscular muscular body can not be obtained just like that. He regularly exercises fitness and lifting weights for 90 minutes per day, 5 days a week.

Diet he was guarded tight. In a day, Titus can eat up to 4 to 5 times. Calories that he consumed about 3,400 calories to support the formation of muscle and energy needs during exercise.

Since viral, he claimed to often get praise on the streets when meeting other people. The average person asks what his secret is, and how he can get a body like himself.

“My advice to those who want to start fitness is to focus on the exercises, love what you do for the body, and do not forget to be consistent to achieve your goals,” he concluded.

Should Children Have Dengue Vaccine? An Immunization Expert Answers Here

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dengue vaccine is basically made to prevent dengue infection or dengue fever in children. However, due to security issues, the vaccine is doubtful.

In a release issued by Sanofi as a producer, the long-term use of dengue vaccine resulted in 2 out of 1,000 cases of severe dengue and 5 of 1,000 treated dengue cases.

According to dengue researchers, Prof Dr dr Rezeki Hadinegoro, SpA (K) from RS Cipto Mangunkusumo, this figure is small. For that the issue does not need to be responded emotionally.

As a way out, there is a way that parents can do to ascertain whether their child has been attacked by dengue or not. Prof Sri said there was a special test to reveal it. The test in question is immunoglobulin G antidengue (IgG).

“It never got dengue or can not be tested, then we just see the results,” he told.

If it is proven that the child has not been exposed to dengue, dengue vaccine can be obtained anywhere, considering that this vaccine has pocketed a marketing authorization in Indonesia.

“Given to children over 9 years to prevent infection by 80 percent,” he concluded.