Our district is active at the group, district and North Florida Area.

Things we do:

District Meetings, Workshops, Assemblies, Alateen Conference
We have a district meeting every other month beginning in January on the third Saturday. We meet at St. Mary’s of the Angels, Matchett Road, Orlando. Our begin at 9:00am for fellowship and the business meeting starts at 9:30 and last for approximately 3.5 hours. We have a “brown bag” where members can bring a new or good condition item (ex. stationary, teddy bears, butterfly memorabilia) and we raffle them off to support or treasury. We also have coffee and snacks which are donated by the members. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. Stop on by!

During the off months, groups are encouraged to host a workshop at the same location, day and time. Workshops are shorter than district meetings and are a great place to find fellowship and meet new friends.

Groups in our district participate in the North Florida Area Assembly which is held twice a year (June and October) in Ocala, FL. Group Representatives, District Representatives are suggested to attend to keep their groups and district informed about Al-anon. All members are also invited to attend.


District Meetings:

Every odd month, the third Saturday
St. Mary of the Angels, Matchett Road, Orlando
9:00am – 1:00pm